10 Mar 2008

Recycle and WIN!

My thanks go to highdesertdiva for sending me a link to this.

Charming Sam Studios
blog is running a competition that I'm sure a lot of you would like to enter. Basically to celebrate
Indie Wedding Month (March) Amy Steinburg is running a competition offering Prize(s) of:

$100 Gift Certificate from Charming Sam - http://www.charmingsam.com/ .

$25.00 Gift Certificate from 5th Avenue Bath Co - http://5thavenuebathco.com/

$25.00 Gift Certificate to the store of your choice at Marmalade Pink - http://www.marmaladepink.com/

To enter you need to create, photograph and describe a wedding favour that can be given to the attending guests of an indie wedding. It must be created from recycled materials. For full details click this link. You only have 9 days left to enter, so get creating!

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  1. Hi Autonomous, I got blog tagged today, so now I'm tagging you. Hope that is OK :-)

    If you chose to play, here's how this game of tag goes:

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    Please don't feel obligated, just tag if its something you think would be fun!


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