Hi, I'm Lynne Davies. I live in South Wales, in the UK, with mountains behind my house, mountains in front and the sea within a 30 minute drive. It's a beautiful place to be. All my life I've loved to make and create things and writing stories. I like nothing better than to see a raw material be turned into something useful or beautiful. At the moment I'm obsessed with creating things from yarn and fabric. Hats, monsters, ragdolls, clothes, bags, socks, shawls, blankets and much more.

I like to collaborate too, so if you have an idea for something that you need help making or designing, I'm happy to discuss it with you.

I have a vivid imagination which I use to write stories. I take inspiration from them to help me create goods to sell in the Pirate Pixie Crew shop. I feel that books, stories and poetry are very important ways of expressing ourselves and perfect for spreading ideas, inspiration and concepts.

I am very involved in the circus arts and tutor people in poi, hula hooping, & juggling. I teach a hoop class and I have started up a circus club that meets weekly to encourage complete beginners to come and learn new skills, called Elephants Not Included. Circus skills and hooping teach you so much more than just the skill itself. They teach your brain to communicate with your body in a different way and build new messaging pathways within the brain itself. This can have a profound effect on your whole being. Both the classes and club are thriving and we have new members coming along all the time. When I first started hooping I found it very hard to get adult sized hula hoops in the UK, so I started making my own. After having request after request to make these magical circles for others to use, I started my own hoop site where you can buy the perfect hoop to suit you, Hyperloop Hoops. Hula hoops have the strange and wonderful ability of making people smile, chat and connect with other people.

Lastly, I guess you should know that I have a head full of creatures that like to escape my brain on to paper by way of whatever pen, pencil or crayon I have in my hand. Whenever I have a piece of paper or card in front of me, and my thoughts are wandering, I find my hand doodles little pictures of all these strange creatures and people. I don't know where they come from and if I try to think too hard about drawing them, they never turn out the same as when I just letting them draw themselves whilst my brain is distracted. One day I will have to give these creatures their own lives and print them on to clothing, bags and cards, but for now they stay as wiggly squiggly pictures on scraps of paper.

I started this blog as a showcase for all things handmade, so when I find things I like, I will post them here to share with you.

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