16 Dec 2011

It's been a while...

... since I posted here. There are many reasons, for not keeping up the daily blog, too many to go into. I see that people still come here and check out the blog, as people still comment on posts from years ago. I thought I would come and post up a few of the hand made things I have been working on lately. I have gone monster mad!

This is Captain Von Strong, or Strongy to his friends. He is a circus strongman with tattoos on his arms.

This is my Zombie Monster. His brain is popping out of his head, his right eyeball has fallen from it's socket and his right arm bone is sticking out after another zombie mistook his arm for a cucumber and ate it.

This is the Dreadhead Family. You can read all about them in my shop.

The beautiful Squidy is a soft cuddly cephalopod that's looking for a new home.

MichĂȘ is a very small yeti that has a sad tale to tell. Head over to her page to find out why.

Do you want a pocket monster? Then Teenieweenie is the monster for you. He's the last one I'll show you, but there are many more already in my shop and waiting to be listed.

Thanks for reading this blog. I will try to post a bit more, but I don't think I will ever go back to posting daily. I just don't have the time any more. If you make handmade goods and would like your shop reviewed, do leave a comment here with a link and I will do my best to stop by and have a look.

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