23 Jan 2012

Some more new lines in the Pirate Pixie Crew Shop

It seems like I am going to be listing for a while in the Pirate Pixie Crew Shop, because I can't seem to stop coming up with more ideas of goods to make! I hope you like today's offerings.

So Who Doesn't love a bit of bunting?

Peas Please! These wee amigurumi peas are just the start of a full range of vegetables.

And lastly for today, we have Yoga/Dance socks. I wear these type of socks when hoop dancing.

More new goods to follow soon, that is if I have the time. Life is getting very busy at the moment. 

14 Jan 2012

So I've added new lines to my shop

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with yarn and coming up with new products using different techniques. Felting is one of the main things I have been trying out. I purchased a pattern for making a felted hat and it all began... After mixing up ideas for what I wanted to create with methods of production and sources of materials, I came up with a range of top hats, from full sized to mini hair fascinator sized. Here are some examples of what I have made. You can see many of them for sale in my shop.

Rainbow striped mini top hat.

Mini purple feather and dread top hat

Full sized green top hat

Mini Purple, blue and green top hat

Mini teal bowler hat

I'm now learning to spin and dye my own yarn, so that new project can be, from beginning to end, totally handmade by me. From the sheep to the shop!

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