5 Mar 2013

Fibre Art Jewellery

I've been making fibre art jewellery lately and thought you might like to see some.

This is a blue cotton and red button flower pin brooch. I can make them in different colours and sizes. They look great jazzing up a little black dress or on a casual outfit. They also make beautiful hair band decorations.

This is a freeform turquoise and silver necklace I created a while ago. It took me a long time of laying out the individual discs until I was satisfied with the shape of it before sewing them all together to get this asymmetric necklace. It is a one off as it is made from vintage cotton sparkle yarn that cannot be purchased any more. I love how it has turned out. It is a real statement piece. 

When I was a little girl my dad liked to play tennis and he would take me and my big sister with him to the grass courts at his work and we would sit on the sidelines eating picnics, playing at being ball-girls and making daisy chains together. This is my first attempt to make daisy chains from yarn. I will be having another go and this time I think I will get some yellow pompoms to put in the middle so they look more daisy like.

I hope you like them. I will be working on more in the coming months.

21 Jan 2013

Facebook Find... Mister Finch

I found Mister Finch via a link on a friends Facebook likes section and Oooooo how I love his work. I just had to put it up on the blog for you all to see.

Mister Finch is from Leeds in the UK. I think his work is imaginative and beautiful. He is quite evidently interested in and influenced by nature, but his works have a fantasy quality too and I think it is that which attracts me to them so much. He describes himself as "a self taught male textile artist", and I think Textile Art is a great term for what he makes. His mixture of vintage and modern fabrics interests me, as well as his use of textures. I like the tea wash he puts on the pieces to age them. The effect reminds me of the pieces of vintage linen that I have inherited from my Welsh Grand Mother.

You can find more of Mister Finch's work on his website, Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. It really is worth a look.

9 Jan 2013

Hooping Workshop - Swansea UK

The lovely Dawn Roberts of Circadian Fitness Dance Studio, Swansea, has invited me to teach a 2 hour beginner/intermediate workshop Saturday 9th February 2013 12-2pm. The tickets are limited to 12 and are selling fast, so if you fancy an afternoon of wiggletastic fun and learning you need to book your ticket very soon.

Level: Beginners/intermediate
Price: £15 per person
Teacher: Lynne Davies
Date: 9th Feb 2013
Time: 12-2pm
Venue:Circadian Fitness Dance Studio, Mond Buildings, Union Street, Swansea. SA1 3DN

 This 2 hour workshop is perfect for complete beginners through to people wanting to advance their hoop skills past the basics. We will be covering core body and off the body moves, arm and leg hooping and generally having fun. Individuals will be shown moves to suit their abilities. If you have your own hoop please bring it along, if not I will have workshop hoops of various sizes for you to borrow. Book now as there are only 12 places. Come and have an afternoon of wiggletastic fun!

This course is now full.

2 Jan 2013

Look Who Needs Adopting

Let me introduce you to Sir Tarquin Mortimer-Finknottle. He is a gentlemen art doll monster, who has fallen upon hard times. This stately blue woollen knitted monster has been used to the finer things in life. He was born into a long dynasty of land owning, massive manor living, country monsters. He had all the best toys, the finest education and everything a young monster could wish for. Sadly, when Tarquin's father passed away and Tarquin inherited the title, the land and the manor house it became very apparent that the family was bankrupt and that the new lord of the manor was going to have to sell everything to pay off the debts. All he has left is his top hat, monocle and purple handlebar moustache. This means that the new Sir Mortimer-Finknottle is homeless and looking for person to adopt him. Could that be you?

This monster to me many hours to make. He has a hand knitted 100% wool skin, that once completed was washed and felted down. He then has his eyes attached and sewn in place before he was stuffed. He then spent a very long time sitting on the shelf in my work room whilst I waited for him to tell me his life story, so I could style him. 
It took some time to decide how he should look, as originally I believed he should be wearing a lot of clothes, but after making him some and putting them on him it just felt wrong. The only part of the clothing that stayed was his top hat. The top hat was also knitted and felted down in the same way I make all my mini top hats and then sewn in place. After sitting on the shelf for what seems like an age it suddenly occurred to me he needed a big handlebar moustache. Once that was in place it was obvious he should have a monocle. Now he is finished and looking for his forever home. I hope you like him. He was created with lots of care and love.

25 Oct 2012

New products at the Pirate Pixie Crew

Today I listed a new item in my shop. It's a mini journal or notebook. It has a lovely soft forest green recycled leather binding that wraps around it's unlined multicoloured paper pages, which protects them when the book is in your pocket or bag. It was designed that way, so you can carry it around with you, a portable journal. It has a contrasting purple lace thread to tie the binding securely shut. To see more photos and details, please click the photographs.

  I can make these journals in other sizes and colours if you wish. Please contact me with details to get a quote.

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