12 Mar 2012

Grannies knew what the were doing!

For the last few months my M.E. has been making me have to stay fairly still. I started to feel a bit trapped in my bed and on my sofa. I wasn't able to go out shopping for gorgeous yarn, or play with my hula hoops in the garden, so I was doing most of my yarn shopping online and instead of hooping my self, watching hoop videos of friends showing me all their new moves. Not great, but it helped to prevent me from feeling blue about being stuck in the house. Shopping for yarn online can be a bit hit and miss, as you don't get to touch the yarn to test it for softness or weight, so I made a few mistakes, but.....

In January a lovely lady Called Anne, ordered a custom made hood, based on the Shades of Blue Hood I have in my shop. She wanted a different colour way, so we searched online for a yarn she liked the colours of and this was the resultant hood.

I loved the yarn so much I purchased more and whilst trying to decide what to make with it, I got the urge to crochet granny squares with left over yarn from other things I had made in the past. Very soon it occurred to me that not many of the squares really looked all that good together as the colours of some of the squares just jarred the eye when sat next to each other. Then it dawned on me that squares made of this beautiful multicoloured self patterning yarn would look fabulous, so.....

I now have 105 squares, and a full 100g ball yet to be turned into squared. I just can't decide what colour yarn to use to connect them all together. I'm going to put  rows of single stitch crochet between the squares to connect them all up, so each one is framed. I just can't decide on a colour. People have suggested jade, orange, magenta, dark purple, grey, white and dark blue... but I still think black would make the colours pop most, but is black going to look a bit too goth when there are so many purples in the squares? Hmmmm... Time to have a good think whilst I turn the last 100g of yarn into more squares.

4 Mar 2012

Win A Monster Of Your Own!

In thanks to all those that have liked my Pirate Pixie Crew Facebook Page already and in the hope of getting a whole lot more people to come and like my page I and going to give you the chance to win a custom made Monster. Each monster is free knitted and individual and if you are the lucky winner you will be able to choose the colour of your monster and have input in his/her design as he/she gets made. The monster will be a medium sized one... approximately the size of Captain Strongy Von Strong.


  1. Like the Pirate Pixie Crew Page
  2. Open the "Win A Monster Of Your Own" photo Album. 
  3. Share a monster pictures from this file on your wall. To do this, all you need to do is click the photo and when it opens click the word "Share" that is on the side, or under the photo and type the comment "I Love @Pirate Pixie Crew Monsters" in the share box and post it to your wall. 
  4. Post under the photo to say you have shared it. 
 When the page hits 1000 likes, all the names of the people that have shared pictures will be entered into a prize draw. The more times you share, the more times your name will go in the draw. The winner will be announced on the page and contacted privately so that they can choose a colour for their monster to be made in.

Get sharing and good luck!

2 Mar 2012

More new goodies in my shops

Just a quick post to show you a few of the new items in my shop on Artfire. It's a mixed selection of knitted and crochet goodies.

This is Pervival the Owl. He is looking for someone to adopt him and take him on adventures.

In an attempt to get children to like vegetables I've been making amigurumi carrots. They will come with instructions on how to grow your own carrots. Learn, grow and love.

Amara and Udo are mother and son monsters that originate from Nigeria. They have travelled far in the search for a new home.

Shamus is modelling the latest Pirate Pixie Crew hat. When you own a hat from the PPC you become a crew member. Captain Skulduggery Dug is always looking for more members to join!

This is a pretty little crochet clutch bag so that you can take all the essentials with you when you go out. Phone, check, keys, check, lipstick, check... good to go!

And finally, the Pebbles... all seven of them. They are so sweet and all they want is a new home where they can make friends.

Thanks for stopping by!

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