2 Jan 2013

Look Who Needs Adopting

Let me introduce you to Sir Tarquin Mortimer-Finknottle. He is a gentlemen art doll monster, who has fallen upon hard times. This stately blue woollen knitted monster has been used to the finer things in life. He was born into a long dynasty of land owning, massive manor living, country monsters. He had all the best toys, the finest education and everything a young monster could wish for. Sadly, when Tarquin's father passed away and Tarquin inherited the title, the land and the manor house it became very apparent that the family was bankrupt and that the new lord of the manor was going to have to sell everything to pay off the debts. All he has left is his top hat, monocle and purple handlebar moustache. This means that the new Sir Mortimer-Finknottle is homeless and looking for person to adopt him. Could that be you?

This monster to me many hours to make. He has a hand knitted 100% wool skin, that once completed was washed and felted down. He then has his eyes attached and sewn in place before he was stuffed. He then spent a very long time sitting on the shelf in my work room whilst I waited for him to tell me his life story, so I could style him. 
It took some time to decide how he should look, as originally I believed he should be wearing a lot of clothes, but after making him some and putting them on him it just felt wrong. The only part of the clothing that stayed was his top hat. The top hat was also knitted and felted down in the same way I make all my mini top hats and then sewn in place. After sitting on the shelf for what seems like an age it suddenly occurred to me he needed a big handlebar moustache. Once that was in place it was obvious he should have a monocle. Now he is finished and looking for his forever home. I hope you like him. He was created with lots of care and love.

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