5 Mar 2013

Fibre Art Jewellery

I've been making fibre art jewellery lately and thought you might like to see some.

This is a blue cotton and red button flower pin brooch. I can make them in different colours and sizes. They look great jazzing up a little black dress or on a casual outfit. They also make beautiful hair band decorations.

This is a freeform turquoise and silver necklace I created a while ago. It took me a long time of laying out the individual discs until I was satisfied with the shape of it before sewing them all together to get this asymmetric necklace. It is a one off as it is made from vintage cotton sparkle yarn that cannot be purchased any more. I love how it has turned out. It is a real statement piece. 

When I was a little girl my dad liked to play tennis and he would take me and my big sister with him to the grass courts at his work and we would sit on the sidelines eating picnics, playing at being ball-girls and making daisy chains together. This is my first attempt to make daisy chains from yarn. I will be having another go and this time I think I will get some yellow pompoms to put in the middle so they look more daisy like.

I hope you like them. I will be working on more in the coming months.


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  2. A blue and silver necklace is stunning! I can imagine it with some small silver dress, it would be so wonderful.

  3. I really can't believe that your blog is amazing with lots of hand made stuff and you did good job especially for girls love as they loves jewels to match their outfit every then and now and so do i.


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