25 Aug 2012

Finding Fabulous on Facebook!

I have to confess I spend way too much time on Facebook, but I have the excuse that it is for the Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops  pages. Well Today I stumbled upon a fantastic Jewellery maker Simona Chytil who trades as Studio Swoon. Her work has simple yet perfect lines and I wanted to share some of it here with you.

The sterling silver Cloud pendant on silk cord catches the light, giving it  earthy feel.

These yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver Stack Rings have such a stunning soft colour combination.
Beautiful texture in this sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold Galaxy ring. 

I so would love these sterling silver Cicada Wings on this silk cord. They make me smile. 

I like the simplicity of these little sterling silver stack rings.  
Beautiful sterling silver Butterfly Wings on vibrant coloured silk cord.
If you are liking Simona's work as much as I am you can see more of it on her website. You can also find out much more about the woman behind this beautiful Jewellery on the same site.

Written by Lynne

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lynne, thanks for sharing the wonderful work by Simona. Her crafts are so neat and perfect in appearance and colors combo. I liked the galaxy ring very much.


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