9 Nov 2008

Christmas Wish List.

So Christmas is fast approaching and Jon and I have been trying to work out what to get each other and asking each other what we would like, so I thought I'd blog a list of the fabulous goodies I'd like to receive, that are made by independent artisans. Now I know money is very tight this year so I'm not really expecting to get all or any on this list, but it's fun to wish and dream.

Most of all I'm hankering for a beautiful Psi LED hula hoop. A fabulous gentleman called Patrick in the USA makes them and they truly are the most sparkly gorgeous hoops I ever have seen. I think I'd want a mix of 50%/50% the Eflin and Dragonfly lights and as many lights as Patrick could squeeze into a 95cm diameter hoop. I've borrowed this video from You Tube to show you just how pretty they are!

I'd also love to be the proud owner of Wound Around Jewelry's beautiful silver creation. Made up of silver curls and links this necklace would look fabulous when you are all dressed up with somewhere to go or over a plain T-shirt and Jeans when you were off to the market. I just love it!

I'm a huge lover of vintage and all that vintage represents. I love the idea of beautiful items from the past being given new life to be used again and these cups from uknowuneedanother just appeal to me soooooo much. The colour and the bumpiness of the glass just make me smile. Imagine serving up individual trifles or ice cream sundaes in these... hmmm starting to dribble now... Dribble's not good for my laptop :)

As a lover of all things Pirate, my next choice just had to be from Damselinthisdress. Not only does she make the most beautiful bodices but she makes these gorgeous coats with detachable sleeves. I so wish I could have one made up in with a purple outer and a burn orange lining. Santa are you listening? Hmm... what's that you say? I'm on the naughty list.... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I've blogged about these next people before and I unashamedly am going mention them again. They make THE most sensational pieces ever! Muju are a British couple from Brighton that pay great attention to detail. To choose just one of their items is very hard but because I had to I went for one of their fabulous Plushies, although to call it a plush some how seems to be wrong. It's a miniature sculpture in felt. A perfect work of art.

For a very long time I have admired the work of Maisy Brown. She makes exquisite reproductions of clothing from days gone by. She has a knack of picking all the right styles that make me go wow! The dress that I have seen of hers that I like most is the Tuxedo ruffled matador in black and white. It has such beautiful clean lines and is such a flattering shape.

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