10 Nov 2008

People Starting out on the Journey of online sales at Etsy.

There are now hundreds of thousands of sellers trying to get noticed on the Etsy website and it's really not that easy. What with all the search function problems and the batch listings, it can become quite disheartening when you are starting out. I decided today to pick a few people with 5 or less sales to feature. They all have some gorgeous goods for sale and I think they deserve more sales than they currently have, so even if the item I don't feature doesn't grab you take a look through their shops and see if you can't find a perfect gift for someone you love.

This funky onesie is made by Jpline. Her shop is chock full of beautifully hand crafted baby goods and I really can't understand why she hasn't had any sales. I wish her well in the future, because her goods do truly deserve to be snapped up.

Give someone your heart this Christmas with FeltCreations detailed felt brooch. The stitching in this ladies work is so fine and carefully done. I work with felt and I know how hard it is to make such detailed pieces. Look through her shop and see for yourself.

Don't you just love these Sophista-birds from Katezila?! The monocled dude in the middle looks so pompous, he's divine! They look like they should be in leather wing backed chairs in a gentleman's club all clucking at each other about the youth of today. Fabulous work Katezila!

These stylish little drop earrings are from GMAjewellery and in such a difficultly large category in Etsy of jewellery it's very hard to be seen. I think this lady deserves more views and sales, so go along and check her out. She has got a good eye for colour, balance and shape.

This beautiful wedding dress appears in shanasshoebox. Hers is a shop filled with a variety of goods from clothes to bags, Jewellery to shoes. Take a look around and see all her goodies. This dress is stunning!

The man himself, at work, and this man is Jesse Mosher. His shop has been on Etsy since January and is full of his gorgeous artworks. All the pieces are made from reused or refinished materials and are painted on plywood. He's subjects in the main deal with portraiture and he will take on commission orders. How about a family portrait?

Another person fighting to get seen in the Jewellery section is Rozzie. These berry hoops earrings show her love of textiles silver and beads. Many of her pieces follow this theme. Most of her pieces are one of a kind so you are unlikely to see someone walking toward you wearing the same jewellery as you if you purchase goods from her.

Now all these people I've featured today have shown that there are some great new sellers joining Etsy every day, so take the time to look around and dig out some of the new gems joining up on Etsy to sell.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to be on your blog Skully!

  2. Great feature - it certainly is hard to get noticed on Etsy!



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