21 Nov 2009

Flickr Friends Finds

All this time I've been away sick you lovely people have still been adding photos of your gorgeous handmade goodies to our Flickr group. Thank you so much for doing that. I've picked out a few to share with the other blog readers today. There were so many to choose from that it took me 3 hours to finally pick. Needless to say there are loads more I want to share, but it will have to wait until another day, or this blog post will be a mile long.

Adorable, beautiful, stylish, comedic, fantastic... the mixture of things you can find in the flickr group is amazing. Please go check it out and click through to the photostreams of the posters to the group to see even more amazing handmade items, but remember to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before you do as you are sure to be there a long time being wowed by what you see.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops

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