20 Nov 2009

My handmade Christmas wish list

Every year around this time people start to ask that question "What do you want for Christmas?" and to be honest most of me wants to say "Nothing thanks, give what you would have spent on a gift to the charity of your choice", but I'd be lying if some of me didn't want to say "Wooooo I'd love...." Now I'm going to stick with my first statement and tell people to give donations, but just for the fun of it I'm going to share with you some of my favourite handmade goodies that are on my imaginary Christmas list.

Mithi's work always makes me go "Wow!". She is such a talented lady and fabulous with it. Check out her shop for more beautiful embroidery pieces and her brilliant illustrations.

Vaisto's shop has so many clothes in it I would love to wear. Her asymmetrical skirts and trouser combo's are my favourite. This skirt's colours are just so bright, cheerful and fun that you could never be sad wearing it!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the artwork of Rima Staines and The Hermitage. This picture really grabbed me as it pictures perfectly how I feel about being trapped inside my malfunctioning body some days. The Hermitage website is beautiful, please do visit it.

PlaiderPillar shop is full of creations I'd love to fill my home with. The Giant Octopus McPaul Therman fills me with delight. He's stupendously grand! He is not alone either all the other creations in this shop are scrummy.
For all of you that think I don't have a girly bone in my body, you might be surprised by my choice of Alangcry pretty flowing skirt, but yes I do have some girlishness and this swirly skirt appeals to it.

Googlie Goggles! Yippeeeeeee. I love these vintage Austrian military glacier goggles from MorningBird. I always find it really hard to find sunglasses I like and when I do, I always manage to break them, so maybe goggles is the way to go.

Recycled handmade goods are not only are lovingly crafted but they are environmentally friendly too. Katcha bags made from recycled rubber inner tubes are soooooo stylish, well designed and useful, who wouldn't want to own one?

Add to this list in the comments by linking us to your favourite handmade shops.

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