9 Aug 2009

Artisan of the Week, Beth of StarPixie

Morning all! Today I'd like to introduce you all to one of my favourite artisan on the planet. Beth of StarPixie has sold so many varied things in her shop, but every one is made with love, care and most of all talent. This lady seems to have unending talents. Whatever she tries she seems to master. Beth is not only a talented crafts person but she is also a very good hooper and poi spinner. Add to all that she is one of the kindest people I've ever met and you have the perfect package!

1. Could you please introduce us to who you are and what you do?
I'm a student studying Photography. When I'm not taking photographs I'm making something or other. I don't specialise in any one particular craft, instead I like to have a go at as many different things as I can! I love to work with fabric and wire the most although I'm yet to combine the two so maybe that's a future project.

2. What led you to take up your craft?
Craft has always been a part of me. My childhood was spent drawing and creating and I never really stopped. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 5 years ago and it has meant that I have had to fill a lot of my time with low energy hobbies that I can do in the comfort of my living room. It gave me a kick to learn new things. Because of my illness, I have not been able to maintain a conventional job so in the past few years I have started using crafting to fund my way through university.

3. Which part of your work do you most enjoy?
Learning new things! I get bored easily so I love to come up with new ideas and make new things all the time. I like to challenge myself and learning new crafts and techniques. There is something really satisfying about creating something beautiful out of simple materials.

4. Which part do you find hardest?
The business side of things! I really need to motivate myself to list things online and promote my shop. I have piles of unlisted stuff in my 'finished' box. Despite knowing that it's the most important part of selling my things, I have little drive to do it. It's the boring part of crafting!

5. Where do you hope to be in 1 year’s time?
A year away from finishing my photography degree and being a few steps closer to making a living from my creativity. I already sell some of my goods in one shop in Bristol (http://www.fireworksjewellery.com/ ), I would love to have expanded on that. I also want to have learnt silk screen printing and do more mixed media work.

6. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Happiness is far more important than money

7. Could you name artisans sites/shops would you recommend are worth a visit?
katwise on Etsy is amazing. I adore her up-cycled clothing and continue to be inspired by her. Kreativlink makes the most amazing journals, I especially like the painted fabric ones, they are really worth checking out.
8. What is your favourite sandwich filling?
In a magical world where I'm not intolerant to wheat, dairy, sesame and yeast it would be Mozzarella, Tahiti and Marmite on granary bread mmmm

Thanks for joining in with the blog this week Beth. I truly am stunned each time you turn your hand do a new craft and your first sample attempt is better than most of the goods I see for sale. You are a most talented person! Readers if you want to keep up with Beth's latest creations you can see what she is up to on her website. I'm loving her latest creation of harem pants. They aren't on the website or in her shop yet, but I'm going to be begging her to make me a pair.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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