7 Aug 2009

Photography Tutorials: Tell a Story

I was searching for a new topic for this fab audience (one that hasn’t been covered a million different ways) and at around 2 a.m. I woke up with an inspiration: why not have your photographs tell a story?

The inspiration really came from visiting my friend Layne’s workshop last week: she’s a silver artisan and is creating these lovely silver frames to hold my photographs set under glass. It occurred to me that not many people get to witness the process of hand-made creation...so why not bring them in to your studio with you?

Here’s a series I could use for my own shop:

1. Layne’s first rough sketch

2. The completed frame

3. The back of the pendant

4. The final pendant with set glass in place

While this might not work for every art form, it can still be a unique way to introduce your audience and (hopefully!) customers to your creativity. Show them the yarn with which you knit your sweaters, the clay from which you create your pottery, or whatever your raw materials are. Take a few photographs of the pieces as you work and share the process with those who will be treasuring your creations for years to come.

(If anyone decides to try this approach, please post your links in the comments below - I’d love to see the results!)

Happy photographing!

Written by Michelle of MKC Photography

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