3 Aug 2009

Tea anyone?

I'm a bit of tea-o-holic and drink many varieties of tea. I don't like milk in my tea and I don't take sugar, so I guess you could say I like the pure taste of the tea as the person blending it meant it to taste. Right now I'm drinking some spiced mint Moroccan blend tea. It's beautiful, light and refreshing with a warming after taste. It takes a special skill to blend fabulous flavoured tea, so I am in awe of people that do it.

This first tea blend is a green tea with flavours of pear and sunflower. LiberTEAS , the creator, says it makes a great hot drink but also is great when iced or used as flavouring for other things like ice cream.

Tea For All Reasons blended this romantic brew from rooibos, almonds, candy hearts and vanilla flavoring. What a beautiful gift for the person you love. IT would make me smile a lot if Jon gave me some of this.

Are you unsure of which tea you'd like best? Teaman has a solution for you with his variety pack that contains 40 tea bags of 8 different blends of decaf and herbal teas. You can try them out before you buy a larger amount of your favourite.

This The Om Intention tea blend is titled "Miracle Elixir Tea" and is a blend of organic Earl Grey tea is infused with alfalfa leaves, chamomile flowers, and gotu kola leaves. As a lover of Earl Grey I'm eager to try this blend.

Soft Shell Body Shop's blend of Bright Eyes herbal tea is caffeine free, making it perfect for drinking n the evening. It has a minty flavour, but it has a big mix of herbs that give subtle under current flavours to this refreshing drink.

As I said at the start I'm a big tea drinker, so I'd love to try all of the teas these shops have to offer. I think it's time to start bashing my paypal account balance by ordering a few each week. I raise a cup to all the tea blenders. I will be stopping by your shops very soon.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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