5 Aug 2009

Fantastic Flickr Friends

It's been a while since I showed you any of the items added to our flickr group, so I thought today I better stop slacking and get blogging about a few. As the sun is trying to shine outside I'm going to make this quick, so I can get on with the weeding and painting out there.

SeetheWood has knitted this fantastic daisy flower cushion. It's almost 3 ft across so a comfy place to park your behind. We have some large daisies opening up in the garden right now and I'm itching to go out and see their sunny faces.

CoolBeans717's brooches of grumpy clouds are just like the clouds I have been seeing outside my window for days and now they have finally blown away I can't wait to get my wellies on to dig the weeds out of the flower beds.

We always have a lot of birds in our garden, despite the fact we have 2 cats living with us. One of our cats is very old and can't really be bothered to chase them any more and the other is so silly, he doesn't have the skill to catch them. I'm sure they would love this bird house from ibreak4glass.

I'm in the middle of painting the frames of our newly made chicken run, as we are hoping to soon have 4 laying hen. We want to get 4 different breeds of chickens so that we can tell them apart easily, although I don't think we will find a tartan one like Hetty, from JunkyChicken.

When I go down to the end of our garden I am always finding things I don't expect and I have always hoped that when we are not around a whole heap of fairies and mini monsters play around down there. This group of monsters from Mealy Monster would be perfect!

So I'm off to sneak down to the end of the garden to see if Maureen and Jace monsters are out playing and to get on with some clearing away and chicken run painting. Have a fantastic day dear readers, whatever it is you are doing today!


  1. oh, those monsters are so cute!!

  2. those monsters are great :D they are cute lol

  3. Thank you for featuring Hetty along with all these lovely things :)
    I also think those monsters are brilliant and I love the daisy bean bag. Great finds!

  4. I must wade out into the garden myself today now that the sun has showed up. Thank you for showing the beast of a daisy, everything else is lovely but I think I would really love the birdhouse:)


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