8 Mar 2008

Changing uses?

Re-purposing is the act of taking unwanted goods and turning them into useful items. I've found a group of people that think laterally about things and have created wonderful home ware goods from discarded items. I'm hoping you will agree with me that these items are all gorgeous and that you would love to give them house room. The more we use re-purposed items the less waste we created.

I thought we could start off with some shiny sparkle with this hubcap clock from IMOTIME. In his shop he has all manner of clocks created from re-purposed items, from ping-pong bats to bedpans. Why have an average clock to tell you the time when you can have something so unusual. Get yourself a talking point to hang on your wall and telling the time will take on a different light.

YorkPatty's shop homes this table made from re-purposed timbers and polished concrete. The chunky square edged style would look great in a modern minimalist home, but equally fabulous in a country cottage setting too. The opposites of colour and texture of the wood compared with the polished top, I think work really well together.

Wouldn't this look great hanging on a hook in your office with all the bills than need paying clipped to it or holding all the to do lists. It looks funky and serves a purpose, what a perfect product. DebbyAremDesigns shop is chock full of beautiful re-purposed items.

Salt or pepper anyone? Sitting down to dinner with these condiment shakers should make you smile for more than one reason. They look great and they are environmentally friendly too as they are made by recyclemoore from old chair legs. Recyclemoore's shop has many more recycled styles to choose from. Piano stool legs, cutlery and reclaimed wood all get the special treatment and get turned into functional, beautiful goods by this man. Visit his shop to see for yourself.

Oooooooooo ROBOTS & TREES! Oh, um, yes, recycling... sorry I was distracted. These stunning hand etched oil bottles are made from recycled glass by BreadandBadger. They can be refilled over and over and the spouts pour smoothly, so no spillages. The bottles can be used for other liquids too if you prefer, such as liquid soap. I think they look wonderful!

Furnishing your home with re-purposed goods has never been easier. Take a look around and see for yourself the explosion there has been in turning unwanted items into useful stylish goods. Better yet, start re-purposing your own unwanted household items into useful creations all your own.

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