3 Mar 2008

Voting time is here!

So, there have been 4 entries for the banner competition. Thank you to Cat, tizz, Lesley and Marie for your entries. Good luck to you all!

Below you can see each of the entries. If you click on the image you will get a larger version to view. Choose the one you like best and would like to be the blog banner for the rest of the month, then vote in the poll in the above. The poll closes on Friday 7th March at 12 noon (GMT). The winning banner will then be used on the blog for the month of March and the artist who made it will be given an ad space in the side bar free of charge for one month.

Banner 1 by Cat also known as Racergirl1313


Banner2 by Tizz of Tizzalicious


Banner 3 by Lesley of TrinityRS


Banner 4 by Marie of Malam

Thanks again for entering into the fun!


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