18 Mar 2008

Greener Buildings

For those of you that found my Blog about Tyre houses interesting, but decided they weren't the house for you, I've found a great site called Green Home Building that can give you other ideas on ways to build a more eco-friendly home. Check it out! Even if you don't plan on building your own home any time soon it can give you ideas on how to make the home you live in now more green.

Another site you can visit is Dream Green Homes and take a look at their greener home plans. You'd be amazed what you can build out of straw bails. Maybe the first little piggy of the 3 wasn't so silly to build a house from straw.

I have admired Rachel Whitehead straw bail 2 story house for a very long time on line and hope one day to be able to visit it. This lady built the first two story straw bail house in the UK. To look at it now, you wouldn't have guessed it was made from normal straw bails. It's stunning!

Not convinced yet that having a greener home is the way to go? Then take a surf over to Low Impact Living's site and try out their Environmental Impact Calculator. Even if you don't do it because you want to save the environment, do it to save some money. Living a more sustainable life style usually ends up costing you less money... in the long run.


  1. Love the straw bail house! wonder if it would hold up to Florida hurricanes,hmmm

  2. oh, how beautiful. i shall be thinking soon about housing options, will definitely be thinking about these ideas. thank you.

  3. This is a great example of straw bail...thanks for posting this picture as it is one I hadn't seen.


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