14 Mar 2008

Positivity V Negativity

Ask yourself this question, does your attitude to day to day happenings impact on your business?

Now I'm not asking if things out of your control, such as the economy, or tax increases etc impact on your business, because of course they do, what I'm asking you is, does the way you chose to react to those kind of factors have any effect on your business?

I'd like to suggest that yes it does. People that only see negativity in everything and are quick to blame anything and everything for bad things that happen in their business don't usually flourish as business people. The people that accept that the changes have happened, but try to see ways around the obstacles and find ways to improve on what they do, or change direction to meet a new markets need when the old goes sour are the people that prosper and grow strong businesses.

Equally people that are always looking for excuses for their own failings really aren't going to get very far. It is far better in business to admit mistakes, be honest and try to put the mistake right. Turning a negative into a positive is all about attitude and drive. Wallowing in negativity never gets you anywhere.

You will find too that the way people view your business is swayed by how they perceive you. If you are heard to always be complaining about how slow business is or moaning about your customers, you could well be putting off future customers from coming to you. If on the other hand all they hear is you being excited about your new products and the great supplies you have found, your enthusiasm will rub off on them and you may very well excite them enough to come and check out what you sell.

So on days things are all going wrong and sales are down, please don't go shouting it from the roof tops, don't sit and complain that it's all (insert your favourite whipping boy here) fault. Put a smile on your face, do some research on something new, take a walk in the park, do anything but loudly blame the world and it's wife for your problems.

Now you might all be sitting here reading this thinking you self righteous cow! I bet you have days you sit and whine and moan. Well you'd be right I do. We all do. I'm writing this as much to myself as to anyone else to remind me on those bad days to not immerse myself in the negative and to try to turn the bad day around.

Positivity is most definitely the winner!


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