15 Mar 2008

NO more Plastic bags!

I have a shocking statistic to share with you all. In the UK, each year, your average adult receives 300 disposable plastic bags. Yes, 300! And that is just in the UK. Now we have about 50 million adults in the UK, so that makes about 15 billion carrier bags in one year... Just in the UK.

Did that make you gasp in shock? I did.

It's time to change our ways. We need to stop using so much plastic, so I'm going to offer you alternatives to take with you to the shops.

This cheerful pink smiling worms bag from Dudua is perfect for taking to the grocery store. Stylish funky and fun and best of all it will cut down on the plastic bags used!

Get your kids into the habit early of taking their tote bag to the shops with them. This pretty little bag is from Stine and is just the right size for your little one to help carry a bit of shopping home or books from the library. She has others that would appeal more to boys, so get those children all trained up not to use plastic bags.

Here is the perfect bag for all the Pirate Pixies to take shopping when they pull into dock. Made by Psychopatti, it has all the proper pirate credentials, so you won't get poked fun at by the other Pirate pixies for carrying it.

These are brilliant! No more of those thin plastic bags when you buy fruit and veg, with these net bags from Remarket. They are completely reusable, come in 3 sizes and are very strong. Another way to stop you using so many plastic bags

Are you needing sewing supplies? This tote from Delavalle has been printed with a scissors motif, and is the perfect companion for you on your trip to the haberdashery.

These manly man's shopping bags from Grubs is perfect for the man in your life. No more can he slack off and not go to the shop saying that "I don't have anything to carry it all in". Now he can have a set of 4 matching bags to show off his manly muscles as he carries home all the shopping.

We in the West seem to be drowning in plastic bags and we really need to stop, so why not become part of the solution by buying reusable shopping bags from independent artisans like these.


  1. That's so crazy! 300 bags is way too many....But i live in a VERY environmentally conscious area and let me tell you, people around here definitely look down on anyone who uses PLASTIC instead of paper or cloth!
    Great post!

  2. Very nice choices with those bags :)
    We are trying to stop using plastic as much as possible and switch to cloth bags, now if only there was not so much packing on things to help the litter problem even more.

  3. There is a movement starting in the UK of people that takes all the packaging off supermarket goods and then returns them to the supermarket they purchased the items from. Supermarkets have to pay for the removal of their rubbish, so they end up having bigger bills for that removal, so if everyone did this it would cost the supermarkets a HUGE amount of money. This may, in time, spur them into coming up with less bulky packaging and more recyclable sustainable wrappers for their goods.

  4. Oh, how I love the pink smiley worm bag!! Wonderful post :)

  5. I love market bags! Great showcase!

  6. Great bags. I've noticed that I've not used a supermarket plastic bag for ages, and other people are catching on as well. It's the most annoying feeling though when you realise you have forgotten your green bag!


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