20 Mar 2008

Ecofriendly baby bums

All of today's chosen products can be used to keep babies' bums clean, and non-poopey! What with the frankly horrific amount of non-biodegradable plastic disposable nappies (diapers) that get thrown out every day, switching to cotton re-usable cotton ones could cut down all that waste. By switching not only will you be helping to save the environment from poo filled plastic, but you will also save a sh*t-load of money in the long run!

We will start off with these sexy pants from elvenhands. What I really like about them is the shade of the purple that is being used with the yellow/orange on the suns.

Next off, we have these cute baby elephant pants made by EarthJewelsCreations. For some reason, the elephant reminds me of Babaar. With a trunk like that, lets hope he doesn't faint from the smell and fall out of the pattern and run away!

These nappies/ diapers are made by Greenbabybunz. Ahhhhhhh...cute teddy bears on these ones. Bound to be softer on little bots than those plastic disposable nappies. All Children love teddy bears so these will be a hit!

These ones are made by TeaCupCountry and look like they were design for St Patricks day. I love the smiley little faces on the shamrocks. Wearing these your baby will have the luck of the Irish.

Booty Juice from happyday is perfect for using to clean your babies bottom when changing their nappy. It will save you from using disposable wet wipes and because of the Aloe, vitamin e and tea tree oil it will kill bacteria, sooth sore bots and keep skin soft.

Botty wipes from abunchakidsinc can be used with Happydays Booty Juice. They are re-usable, washable and soft. Perfect for those delicate areas. The fun turtle and fish pattern just adds to their appeal.

Seeing all these lovely baby goods has made me all broody. Even the thought of yucky poop filled nappies hasn't put me off with all these lovely re-usable goods out there. I'm even more convinced now that the plastic disposable nappies are not needed.

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  1. ha, now I wish I had a baby so I could get it some cute fabric diapers!! :-D


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