17 Jan 2008

Fibre Fetish

*Stands up*

My name is Lynne and I’m a Fibre Addict. I’ve been addicted to wool since I was very small. I was taught to knit by my granny at a very young age and I figured out how to crochet when I found a crochet hook in an old bag of knitting needles. I took the hook and messed about with some wool and a knitted square I’d made and I figured out how to put a frill around the edge. It was a bit messy, but I got the idea of how the wool and hook worked together. Ever since then I have been crocheting like crazy. I recently inflamed my addiction more by taking up felt making. The feeling of taking raw wool fibres and turning them into an item of beauty still wows me every time. So, to feed my addiction this morning I’ve been on a hunt to find some items to share with you.

Looking for fibres in the raw? Then try the TheFiberDenn where you can find washed Merino, and cross breed fleeces. This beautiful dark brown cross breed wool is a great example. Straight from the shepherdess sheers, and carefully hand washed, this wool is now ready to be carded for spinning or felted. It's such a stunning colour.

If natural coloured wool doesn't float your boat, it can be dyed. Fibrespace supplies these gorgeous coloured rovings that are perfect for felting. You can get rovings in a whole rainbow of colours ready dyed or you can buy natural coloured roving and dye it yourself.

Spinning is something that I want to try. I’ve been so inspired by so many beautiful handmade yarns. You only have to sneak a peek in shops like Cazza’s, Shunklies, and The Painted Tiger to see what I mean. This gorgeous yarn was spun by alltheprettyfibers. It was spun from luxuriously soft Australian Merino wool.

Needle felting takes much practice and skill to perfect. I think KayK9s must have practised her craft a great deal to get this good. Her perfectly formed miniature dogs are amazing. The patience and time taken to create each piece must be immense. I am in awe.

This item made me giggle when I first saw the title. It's called a Veggie Sporran. I had images in my head of a sporran stuffed full of tasty vegetables, but no, it is a sporran made from hand felted merino wool rather than made with the traditional leather or fur. Earthly Treasures makes them in a variety of colours so you can match them up to your kilt! Her website is chock full of other handmade goodies too. Take a look.

Yarn does not always get made of natural fibres. Some, like the ones kraftyladykreations used to make these pretty little booties, are made of manmade fibres like acrylic, good for those people out there with wool allergies, so there is something out there for everyone in the world of fibres. Go out and take a look. Maybe you'll become as addicted to fibres as I am!

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