14 Jan 2008


Often I am drawn to very simple items. Clean lines with an uncomplicated attention to detail and a minimal colour pallet can be so appealing. With this in mind I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you.

I've long admired the work of LisasLovlies for its simple elegance. These earrings demonstrate her ability to turn something as simple as a sterling silver wire and a pair of turquoise stone beads into an eye catching, timeless body adornment.

GoTo has got simplicity going on! This kit allows you to make a beautiful set of coasters from plain glass, and Silver-coloured or copper-coloured foil tape. It's up to you what you sandwich in between the glass plates, but I have to say, the leaves GoTo has chosen to use are stunning.

luckyduckdesigns has created a range of cards with simple messages and a stylistic pastel coloured shapes on them. Who could resist these gorgeous snails? Sometimes less is so much more.

Despite the name mistermooch is run by a woman who creates most attractive small felt brooches and magnets. The bright primary colours of these apples are appealing as are the simple stitching and shapes.

NaturalHistorie created this beautiful art print. The use of black and white instead of a riot of colours allows you to focus on the stunning form of the bird. It's a print of an original pen and ink drawing that she made. Perfect!

If you thought simplicity meant boring or dull, think again!

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful feature! It truly made my day when I found this.


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