15 Jan 2008


I’ve always had a strange fascination with facial hair, but especially moustaches. Maybe it’s because my father always had a full beard, maybe it’s just because they act as a kind of mask. Masks are another thing I have a bit of a fascination for, but I digress.

I’m not all that interested in the more mundane lip fuzz that most moustache wearing men grow. The ones that catch my imagination are the giant sculpted ones. The huge handlebar affairs and the ones that weave themselves into huge fluffy sideburns are where it’s at.

So now you see where I’m coming from and why I’ve picked the next items to share with you.

One of the co founders of PaperThinDesign seems to understand my fascination with moustaches, so much so that he runs a local annual moustache contest. This is a print of fine portrait of Brett the winner of 2006.

Hehehe... I love this Sleuth Disguise Necklace made by paraphernalia. All Private investigators should have one! How could anyone resist having the chance to own a wavy thick moustache like this one?

Mr Ognom is the creation of smosch and I adore him. As smosch says "Mr Ognom loves to twine his moustache while reading books about far away countries." So the act of moustache twiddling is not just the domain of the villain. Even cuties like Mr Ognom do it.

Girlontherocks rocks my socks with her fabulous badge collection. This, to my mind is the perfect gift for the lover of hirsute facial ornaments. She has a whole range of styles of those lip warming hair creations. Wonderful!

Have you always longed to pass yourself of as Hercule Poirot? Do you ever long to go places and not be mobbed by you ever adoring fans? Do you need to do undercover work? Well lupin has just the thing for you. No one will ever know it's you in this most marvellous moustache disguise. It's true! Did you work out that the disguised person in this picture was from the LazerBeanz crew?

This is a perfect solution to the girl about town that loves to shop but hates to add to the pollution problem that plastic carrier bags cause. A stylish, large cotton bag to carry all those goodies home in. Add to that the moustache motif on the side and emmanuellesthe onto a winner in my eyes.

I urge you to visit this page , especially if you are at work. Just imagine the I.T. team’s faces when they are running a check to make sure no one is visiting sites they shouldn’t from their computers and they turn up this one. Some of those moustaches defy gravity!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. My husband has the same fascination with moustaches, in fact after reading your blog yesterday, I bought him one of the moustache button packs! Bwa ha ha!

    I thought you might be interested in this little item:


    There's also a "Pocket Stache" you might enjoy, but the thrill of a moustache WITH A MOUSTACHE was something we could never have dreamed of!


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