26 Jan 2008

Eat me!

The following is written by Jon of Hyperloop Hoops

My favourite food in the world is egg and bacon sandwiches (with a nice dollop of Ketchup) so I thought that the first item I should feature are these beautiful cufflinks. These are perfect for a night out with your friends, but im sure that once the beery munchies had set in, given half the chance- I would eat them! Im sure you will agree with me, that they really do look very realistic.

This work was added at the request of my partner. I thought it rather an odd request as she is a vegetarian - so she wont eat meat, but she is more than happy to wrap herself in it! (unless she wants to wrap me in them!) The pictures on this artists shop are.. hmm.. well.. erm.. "odd" to say the least! Words cannot describe the pictures, so im not going to even try - they are excellent however and some of the team could be classed as "mentalists". The nice sort of mentalist though!

Wow - that really does actually look like half an Oreo (well, without the writing on the biscuit of course!). I love biscuits, as anyone who knows me, or plays World of Warcraft with me can assest to. My offical title is "Biscuit Mistress". So what better way to show your love of the biscuit, than by attaching one to your phone!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yum-arificly-tasticly-lischous! However, please, for your own safety - do NOT try to eat this item. It is made of felt, and not only will you end up with the worst drymouth in the world, your tongue will be all furry too! (Not to mention your poo looking like small furry sausages!)

To quote my favourite ever cartoon ( Invader Zim ): ".....mmmmmchicken". This is a rather silly item (just like the "pocket bacon" you can get on etsy), however I really like this a lot. Its a great thing to make and pull out with your friends just to see their reaction. Alternativly, try serving it up to your family for sunday lunch! See if they eat it!

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