25 Jan 2008

PollyPosy shows off the work of new Etsy sellers

Today we have our first guest writer, PollyPosy, who crafted these beautiful Calla lillies . Don't forget to check out her lovely new shop on etsy as well as the other artists she has featured. Thank you PollyPosy for drawing to our attention some gorgeous pieces of work.

For as long as I remember, I’ve been drawn to certain colors: deep chocolate browns, soft tans, and the crispness of a clean white. If you want to get a strange look as a child, tell people your favorite color is beige. Neutrals have always comforted me, in a way that the other colors can not, and you only have to give one look at the following items to find that neutrals are anything but boring.

Chromatics, a “newbie” on Etsy like all the other artists I plan to feature, takes vintages fabrics from around the world and turns them into spectacular wall art. The bold, yet simple, patterns are striking yet comforting, like stepping back into time when these same patterns would be seen on your grandmother’s apron.

There are some items I come across that astound me with how they were created. BittyStar’s shop is full of them. She cuts original designs out of paper and then lays them atop fabrics she’s rescued from anywhere they’ve been discarded. This one of a kind piece with its neutral colors and retro design is one of my favorites.

Gray, ivory, ecru, pearl, tan, charcoal, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. This necklace in Hypho’s shop is only one of her many pieces that is intricate, yet simple at the same time. The chunky stones arranged with the delicate pearls give it an overall look that could be worn formal or casual. If it was mine, I might even wear it to sleep in.

There is nothing more neutral and natural than pottery. This stoneware heart from BridgeManStudios’ shop is a one of a kind piece made with no molds or forms. Appropriately for must of us, it shows a hole in it, but it is being stitched back together. If you’ve given someone your proverbial heart, maybe you could give them this one as well.

Finally, we have a sweet, but hilarious photography print from ArtRogue. The colors are soft, the subject is hilarious, and the artist is very, very talented. Hang this in your bathroom if you want a chuckle every time you go.

All of the above artists are new to Etsy, but in my opinion they are starting out perfectly with these stunning pieces in colors people often overlook.

Written and compiled by PollyPosy

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  1. thanks so much for including my papercut! you have a lovely blog!



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