24 Jan 2008

Soft and cuddly, but not always cute

Yesterday in a conversation about evil, Jon told me I was the least evil thing he knew, apart from maybe soft cuddly things like bunnies... He obviously hasn't seen some of the bunnies I've seen! Have you watch Monty Python's Holy Grail? Hmmmm... or maybe he has and he thinks I have a wicked streak a mile wide hehehe.

Today's blog is going to feature some of the less cute, but still cuddly creations of a few independent artists.

Arrrrgh! It's a zombie!!!!!! Underroos makes these great sock zombie. Not something you want sneaking up on you on a dark night... Take a read of underroos descriptions of her creations and you'll understand the reason you need one of these fellas on your side.

SpiderCamp is one of my all time favourite sellers on Etsy. I know some people might find her bunnies offensive, I just find them funny. The perfect antidote to the "politically correct" culture that I live in. I'm so tempted to order a custom embroidered one with a few choice words to send to my local MP!

This is the Pete Doherty Gaborg Monster Doll and I think he is fabulous! Made by LoveFromHettyandDave, this brilliant doll is a great way to have the maestro in your home without having to worry about him vomiting on your carpets, because lets be honest, he would wouldn't he? Check out the shop for other celebrities.

I'm old enough to remember the Sex Pistols starting out so the lovely Sid made by Jellibat was a perfect choice for the cuddly but not cute collection, for no one could ever accuse Sid Vicious of being cute!

Some of Bunniesofdoom's creations are far from cute, although some how you still do want to give them a home and a cuddle. Take for instance evil leopard bunny, despite the big claws and the grrrrry mouth, don't you still have the urge to tickle his belly, right there on the skull & crossbones? I do.

So there you have it cuddly doesn't always have to be cute. Watch out for those zombies!


  1. These are fantastic! I had no idea there were so many wonderful monsters out there! Thank you so much for including my zombie-- it looks like he's found his posse!

  2. I LOVE SpiderCamp's bunnies--I own one, and bought another for my cousin's son (a baby friendly one).


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