13 Jan 2008

New beginnings

This blog is my way of getting more attention paid to the little guys. This is for people that, often work from home or a small studio, designing, crafting and marketing their goods and ideas. It's not such an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to become a success and there are many that fall by the wayside. This blog is going to celebrate those that are making it big and also it will be used to give a bit of a leg up to those pushing hard to make their dreams of becoming self employed, doing a job they love to make gorgeous hand crafted and designed goods to sell, come true.

So if you are wanting to pledge to support the little guy against all those giant multinational companies out there, please bookmark this blog, spread the word and come back and visit regularly to get to see some very talented people and their work.

Thank you!

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