19 Mar 2008

Do you buy recycled goods?

All there items I found on the first few pages of Etsy when I did the searched "Recycle". There were so many great items I just had to close my eyes and point to get this group of very different but very wonderful items.

This drums body from SlapHappyDrums was created from recycled salvaged hardwood oak flooring. What a great way to use up off cuts! I just wonder what kind of sound this drum has. I'm a big fan of the West African Djembe sound.

I don't think I really need to say any more than is on this fabric patch. AndyEastonlyCandy has pretty much said it all! So get recycling because I really don't want to have to eat your pants!

We won't have to eat Lespetitechoses's pants because this little bag is made from recycled cord fabric. It has such a cute little bird on the front that matches the bright beautiful fabric liner.

These Fat Ninja made me smile for more than just the reason that the pictures are fabulous, they come with recycled brown envelopes. Great Job Interrupt! Don't you just want to tickle them and make them giggle?

This cute little elephant family from MaidenLove are made from re-purposed vintage fabric. Perfect little cuddly toys for those eco-friendly babies out there. Those trunks look just the right size for little hands to hang on to.

Recycling glass couldn't be more direct than this. BottleBottoms is aptly named, because she takes glass bottles and cuts them down to make tumblers/drinking glasses. These were made from Perrier bottles and look great!

So if I could find all these amazing goods just by typing one word into a search engine and they are all recycled goods, why aren't we all buying more recycled goods?


  1. I love those drinking glasses - so different from what's out there commercially.

  2. I think it's great that so many things are being reused! Great idea for a blog featuring awesome products. I esp. like the "eat your pants" patch. :)


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