13 Mar 2008

In need of directions?

Do you sometimes feel lost, not knowing the right way to go? Are you in a rush, but unsure of whether you need to turn left or right? Maybe these recycled maps can help you.

Maybe this little bird knows the way. He was made by CottonBirdDesigns from a recycled map of the Isle of Man, which is just off the coast of Great Britain. He looks so alert and cheerful. Even if he doesn't know the way he would at least raise your spirits.

Urbanstax has made these envelops that could help the postman to find his way. If you pick carefully which envelop you use you could mark the house it's to be delivered to on the map. Genius! No more lost mail!

These antique map earrings from picapicadesigns aren't really going to be all that much help in locating your position but you can at least look stylish whilst you are lost. The maps are of 1950's New York, so I'm guessing a lot has changed since they were printed.

These pretty little butterflies are the ones to follow when they flutter by. Their wings were made by dogsrule from maps from the Boston MA area. They are so beautifully folded and are so eye catching.

Are you in need of a rest after all your travelling? Well why not take a little sit down on this amazing map covered chair made by Bombus. I has the river Thames flowing across the seat and chair back. Due to the chair being coated and sealed it is perfectly usable and also a great talking piece.

Now don't forget, next time, before you go out, pin a badge to you with your home location on it so you can find your way back. If you ask dustDesignCo I'm sure they can make you one!

You never need to get lost again. Take a trip to etsy and get looking for all the recycled map goodies, to help you find your way.


  1. thanks so much for the feature, i have a terrible weakness for maps and it is great to see them in so man forms. love it!

  2. by the way, it I am urbanstax aka urbanknit.

  3. for one as directionally challenged as I, these are perfect!

  4. You guys beat me to the punch! I was going to post about this very same thing today! Now I'll just have to post about you posting about it! :)


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