6 Mar 2008

One more time!

What is the most environmentally friendly product you can think of? Well I'd like to suggest vintage. Resale of goods that have already been used has got to be very environmental friendly. Thank goodness there are lots of people out there that love to find old goodies, dust them off and make them usable again.

VintageVacation is one such person. She has a self confessed lover of vintage towelling which she has taken and turned into these sexy bikinis. This one is just one example of the current selection in her shop and I'm sure you will agree that they are beautiful, as is her model.

This pattern, for sale in TheBirchTree's shop is from the 1950's. The style of babies clothes have changed a little since then, but not so much that if you made these and gave them to a new mum she wouldn't be thrilled. I love the shape of the top jacket very much. It would look fabulous in a knitted up in bright coloured reclaimed wool.

Abibansaldesign has transformed some stunning 1970's fabric into a gorgeous, stylish and useful bag. As the fabric is very limited it also means that you know the likelihood of meeting someone with the same bag is very unlikely. Great for those people that like to show their individual side.

There is a huge market out there selling vintage jewellery, and why wouldn't their be?As Luxedeluxe shows us with this stunning piece, there are some amazingly pretty, well made items still around, just looking for new homes. The gorgeous patina and shape scream quality vintage.

I'm a bit of a button lover and when I stumbled on these green wooden vintage buttons I smiled, because I just knew I had to feature them here. Vinpapa has saved these buttons so they can live again to adorn another garment... maybe one of mine! By the time you check her shop they maybe gone.

Ooooooooohow I love this hat from VintageKitty's shop. It has such an elegant style to it. I think if it were in black I would have paid for it and been begging for it to be in the post to me all ready. As it is, in it's camel colour it will have to wait for someone else who also loves it to come along and give it a new home... I doubt it will be waiting very long.

Vintage isn't just about great style and fabulous craftsmanship. It's about reusing goods and giving them new life. It is one of the most perfect forms of recycling there can be.


  1. I want the bakerlite phone!
    Thanks for blogging about my pattern x

  2. I also love vintage, AKA rummaging through the thrift store. I figure if you need something, there's probably a used one waiting for you.

    These vintage sellers you have featured here have beautiful things!

  3. Amen to that! Vintage is a wonderful wonderful thing :)


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