24 Jun 2008

Bunny Wabbits!

Who can resist a cute little fuzzy wuzzy bunny? Not me! I adore them from their fluffy powder puff tails right up to their twitchy wiggly noses. Their hoppy floppy way of moving around just increases their appeal. The following artists seem to have a soft spot for those boingy little critters too.

Pat Coyne's gorgeous giant eared rabbit starts us off today. The original is a watercolour painting that is now being offered as a print in Pats shop. You can almost see his nose twitching.

This big beautiful bunny by Shannon Harris looks a little unimpressed at being left suspended in the air... or maybe he was bouncing on a trampoline and he has just realised someone has pulled it from under him and he is at that resigned moment of knowing the floor is about to come up to meet him.

BOING! Nakisha has given this lovely little rabbit and idyllic setting to frolic in. Again the original piece was painted in watercolour and is now offered as a vibrant print. I want to move into the beach house so I can play on the sand with this white bunny.

A bunny in the windy city. This brilliant picture has so much energy. Waterbears has captured the winds actions beautifully in the rabbits ears and swirling leaves. It looks really chilly.No wonder this rabbit is blue... brrrrrr.

Lastly, for today, we have this graceful ballerina bunny from Stephanie Fizer. Now how fun would it be if your rabbit really did do ballet. I've always had a thing about ferrets in a tutu, but now I think a rabbit would be cuter. Not that I'd ever dress up any animals. That's one of my pet hates, people treating their animal friends like they were dolls.... but that's a topic for another day.

Have a flufftastic day!


  1. Thanks for finding such cute bunnies to share with us!

  2. I love the one by Shannon Harris... There's something irresistable about random floating things.


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