6 Jun 2008

Weekly Challenge Round Up.

This week has been very tiring and annoying, with many things going wrong. I still haven't managed to finish my challenge item for this week. I need to go and get some more wood before I can. I'll post a picture of it when I have.

Some people that did manage to take up the challenge, and succeeded most admirably, were PrincessTigerMouse with a lovely gouache and watercolour painting and as she explained she has always preferred to work in thicker textured paints and watercolour type paints are a bit of a change for her. I think she did a fantastic job and I adore the colours she used.

This pretty painting by FireFly is also a watercolour. I love the way it is broken down into panels. The photo is a little small for you people to be able to read the writing but I'm told that top left it says "Do you remember before blue was a flavour" and the letter left of centre says "Dear you I am sorry Love me." My personal favourite panel is the washing line with the non matching pairs of socks. That's how my socks always end up. Fabulous painting!

This necklace was made and modelled by the most talented Fleassy. She sews, makes silver wrap jewellery, crochets, hand crafts masks, makes woollen hair falls... well pretty much she masters any craft she tries. This was her first attempt at mixed soldering and Celtic knot work. I think she succeeded!

These pretty earrings were made by High Desert Diva. It was her first pair. The green, gold and pink focal bead are so pretty. HDD has such good taste!

We also had a haiku entry from the lovely Lion for the Hands Challenge.

Wintered hands reveal
your fine autumn morning breasts
for my loving touch

Thank you everyone that joining in with the challenges. Remember no challenge is ever closed. If you see a challenge that inspires you from past weeks feel free to go with the flow and send me it to be included on the blog.


  1. I wasn't sure of what to do..I had to really think about it and I thought too much..didn't find a thing.
    I am always reading your blog, so don't lose faith in me..sometimes I come through..

  2. Thank you for being a contributor and reader of our blog Rosebud. The challenges are just for fun so just jump in on the ones you want to and not on the others. We are just happy people enjoy participating.


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