25 Jun 2008

Strange and Beautiful

One of the strangest creatures on the planet has to be the Seahorse. They have such a weird mythical look about them. Tiny dragons of the sea, where the male of the species gives birth to the young. They are fairly bad swimmers but have prehensile tails so they can anchor themselves to stones and sea plants. With unique little coronets on their heads they look as if they have been crowned the kings and queens of the sea. Their very oddly beautiful looks have earned them many fans.

Papermoth created this gorgeous image of a seahorse. I picked it because I loved the purple ink effect combined with the beautiful digital background. I think it would look fabulous framed and hung on a bathroom wall.

Just how cuddly and cute is this next set? Snaulkter made these gorgeous plushie seahorses. Perfect for a little one to cuddle whilst napping and dreaming of a life on the ocean waves.

I'm loving this this top from Stevester. The shape is very flattering for most shapes and the screen printed seahorse is so beautifully detailed. What more could you ask for in a top?

Now this card from Drinkabutter is one I would love to receive. I adore the simplicity of the white background with the textured look of the seahorse. It would look stunning on a mantelpiece.

Vibrant, detailed and attractive, this print comes from an original hand painted habotai silk by Greer Design. The greens, blues and purples are so fabulous and are beautifully accented by the bright oranges, yellows and reds.

It always makes me smile when I look for items to feature, because it's always so easy to find lots of fabulous goodies. In fact the hardest part is deciding what not to feature as there are always so many great things to choose from. I Think its fantastic that there are so many talented people out there sharing their abilities with the rest of the world. Long may it continue!


  1. When I read the first sentence, I thought, "Does she think seahorses are REAL?" but then I realized I was picturing a mermaid....so you're off the hook.

  2. I think seahorses are beautiful too.
    To think they actually are real, it amazes me..Anyway, your picks are all great and the first and last ones are really beautiful colors..

  3. I hope that I can become a seahorse one day. Until then, I'm going to keep making the softies. :D

    I'm glad to be a part of such a beautiful bunch here. I've had my eye on quite of few of these for some time. Thanks again, Lynne!

  4. I'm in love with the plush seahorses. It's so cool that they include little baby seahorses.

  5. Seahorses are always a beautiful creature!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely items.


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