5 Jun 2008

I fed you already!

So it's 6.45am and I just got back into bed after seeing Jon off to work, and Weapon X will not stop bugging me to get him some biscuits. He keeps walking on me, pawing at me and meowing... "you were fed already!" I thought maybe he wanted a drink and as he drinks from water running from the tap I went to the bathroom and turned on the tap for him. He jumped up on the sink but as soon as I walked away he jumped down still whining for food.... Arrrrrgggghhh I fed you already!

I got so fed up with him moaning at me that I decided to give in and give him a couple more biscuits. I walked to the kitchen with him bouncing about in front of my legs trying to trip me on the stairs, we get to the kitchen and there on his food mat is a bowl full of food, which he sees and gobbles down.... arrrrggghhhhh! He just hadn't bothered to look before getting me out of bed. Grrrrrrr cats! Blah it's obvious who's in charge in this house... not me!

Fing made this cute little felt kitty. It even comes with it's own fishie lunches. Maybe if I tie fish to Weapon X's collar he'll stop pestering me. Fing has lots of these fabulous fibre cats in her shop along side beautiful bugs.

This picture from Trendy Photos made me yawn just looking at it, not because I think it's boring, but because it's a gorgeous photo. I seem unable to not yawn if anyone else does. Even reading the word yawn makes me do it.

Amy Jo's handmade, reycyled sweater cat is fast asleep. I wish I was fast asleep too, maybe snuggling up with feltie cat here. Sadly I have to get up, get dressed and finish off some hats and hoops. Blah, my bed is calling me!

I need these beauties from the Button Boutique. I have bedhead hair this morning and it's doing it's own thing. I need something to tame it so I can see what I'm doing or I might end up sewing hoops and taping hats by mistake.

Well, if you can't beat them, join them. Kitty in the box might be able to help me there. I could become a fabulous pink and purple fluffy cat. Pink not your style? Well she has lots of other colour kitty hats... My only problem is I'm vegetarian and the thought of eating kitty food makes me feel a bit queasy.

Ah well, better get up and get the day going. I hope you all have a lovely, fun filled, productive day.


  1. Have to say, that hat kind of caught my eye..something about the way the fur stood up..

  2. Oh...I know what you mean! Cammie has been whining for her food every day lately.

    Love the cat hat!

  3. He gets the "What a cat award". How funny. Great article.

  4. You know I got an automatic cat feeder for just this reason...it's paid for itself in hours of sleep.

  5. that first cat is the cuteness!


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