23 Jun 2008

Rubber reused

So it's been a week since I showed this blog any love and I'm sorry for leaving you all hanging. Thanks for coming back. The last few weeks have been very busy and add to that my health flare up and that makes for one very sad and lonely blog.

Today's topic is recycled rubber. There are primarily 2 types of rubber, natural rubber, that can be bled and refined from the sap of the para rubber tree plant and synthetic rubber, that is made from petroleum. Most of the rubber we use today comes from the second source, so it is best if we try to reduce the use of it and or reuse as much of it as possible. I've found a few Etsy sellers that have come up with great ways to recycle the everyday used rubber around us.

Made For Fun has turned a bicycle inner tube into this very interesting and pretty necklace. It's not so obvious to a casual on looker what it's made from so it will not only look gorgeous around your neck, but it is a great talking point. It really caught my attention.

So, what do you think this colourful bangle from Steven Shaver Designs is made of? Well it's made from chopped up parts of industrial conveyor belts. I love the textures and mix of colours. Such a stylish item made from recycled materials and great way to save some rubber from going into a landfill site.

I have to confess these are my favourite of the items picked today. Not only because I love shoes, but because they are amazing. Courtney's Castle has made a work of art in a pair of shoes. Recycled rubber and cardboard used to fabulous effect.

Lost and Found Objects2 has also used bicycle inner tubes to create this necklace, but the result is very different from the first necklace, which just goes to show how many different ways you can use the came materials if you have the imagination. It's so pretty and delicate.

The last item is another little recycled gem! It comes from 18 Meadow Larks and it made me smile. This lovely shawl pin is made from recycled Wellington boot rubber. I think it's great fun and very useful for keeping your scarf or shawl in place.

All today's items show that reusing rubber is not only a good thing to do for the environment, they show that reusing rubber from tyres and industrial waste can result in the creation of fabulous goodies of great beauty. Thanks to all 5 of the artisans featured today for showing us the way forward.


  1. I am always amazed at what people can do..How smart and what beautiful things they did..Thanks for sharing..
    Hope you are feeling better..

  2. I'm doing ok, thanks! Just a bit tired and achy. I have loads of projects on the go, so I'm trying to keep going.

  3. It's all just amazing! I especially love the shawl pin dude!

  4. I absolutely love the concept of reused rubber.

    Hmmmm. I wonder what I could do with it?

  5. Autonomous Artisans, Thank you s0 much for this great article on the reuses of recycled rubber! And thank for including my Eyes of the Peacock Tire and Feathers Necklace!
    You ROck!


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