9 Jun 2008

The Computer Challenge.

This weeks challenge word is 'Computer'. We all spend quite a bit of time using our computers each day, but does your computer ever inspire you to create anything new, or do you create things with your computer? If so join in the challenge and share with us what you have created.

Ever since Mr Charles Babbage created his mechanical computer we have seen the uses of the computer increase to the point that we would find it hard to function without them. As they are such a big part of our lives/businesses lets get inspired by them and see what we can create.

As usual you can either send me your item via Etsy conversations or put a link in the comments on this blog post to what you have made/written/photographed/seen. For all the UKHippy crew that want to enter you can put yours on the thread in the Creative Forum and I'll stop by and pick them up. All entries will get full credit with a link back to any website/shop you might have.


  1. I am going to try and do this challenge..can't promise a thing..will try tomorrow and let you know if I succeeded..

  2. hmmm...gotta give this one some thought

  3. All done..Hope I did this right..Sometimes, I can get off the beaten path..I had fun trying..


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