3 Jun 2008

Hoop Inspiration

As many of you will already know I love hula hooping and hoop dance. I find that hooping centres me and makes me feel calm and quiets my noisy,ideas filled brain. Watching others hoop inspires me to try out new moves and gets me thinking about how to link them into moves I can already do and keep the flow going. I've found that hooping inspires quite a lot of people in a vast number of ways. The next selections I've found are hoop related and all somewhat different from each other.

Silhouette Blue has taken the a joyful image of a hooping girl and designed a personalised stationary set with it. The calm green colour reflects the tranquil feeling I get when wiggling a hoop around my body and the joyous stance of the girl is just perfect.

This print by Lucia Johnson of an image of Cowboy hooping repeated numerous times made me stop an look again, because somehow it looked odd to me to see a cowboy hooping. The more I looked the more I realised that there is no oddity in the image at all, because hooping is for everyone. Good art makes you question your preconceived ideas.

Oh how I love this sketch from Slurkgirl! It is a celebration of the female form as well as the hoop. I'm so glad to see a beautiful curvaceous woman hooping rather than the usual portrayal of a stick thin hooper. We are not all stick thin, but we are all gorgeous.

I picked this embroidered baby grow because of the elephant. YadaYadaYada has created the most startled looking elephant I have ever seen with a hoop. That would have to be one giant hoop to be big enough for a pachyderm to leap through! Fabulous Job!

This picture is entitled "Hula Hoop Dreams" and comes from R.C.Huder. Now when I dream of hula hooping it usually involves vivid colours and lots of giggling and smiling. In this picture it looks like the hoop is holding out all distractions and contains a white clear centre. I guess that's quite accurate for me as hooping does clear my mind and give me a peaceful space to be.

I guess hoops mean different things to different people and to me that's part of their appeal. For me them mean fitness, centring, joy, fun and a challenge. I hope you all have a wiggletastic fabulous day! I'm off to tape another hula hoop.


  1. These are great! Love the curvy gal!

  2. Wonderful! My daughter took 2nd place in hula hoop at her school. I was just going to blog her ribbon, so I'll link to your post too!

  3. Thank you Lazytcrochet.

    I'm loving the curvy gal too HDD.

  4. Those are all great! I love the green of that stationary set. I loved to hula hoop as a kid.... perhaps it's time again to hoop!

  5. Lynne,
    Thought you'd appreciate this post:

  6. you have inspired me, I may have to dust off my hoop! :)

  7. These are wonderful! I love slurkgirl's hooper too. She reminds me of a circus performer.

  8. Hoop Hoop Hurrah!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing my drawing- I love to see people hooping, it's such a great relationship between a person and a circle!


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