11 Jun 2008

Recycled Computer Parts

Today is just going to be an uber quickie post as I still have so much to do to get ready for Southern Lights. The excitement of spending a weekend in a field with a whole bunch of fire spinners, hoopers, staffers, poi spinners, jugglers.... well lets just say I'm wiggly squiggly with anticipation!

So back to today's post. Recycling is a subject close to my heart and computer is the weeks word, so I picked out some lovely goods made from recycled computer parts to share with you.

Jason Creations made these fab funky coasters. I'm loving the colours and the way the components look like crazy electrical insects trapped in resin.

Is your dad full of geeky goodness? Are you looking for something to give him on Fathers day? I say give him this gorgeous computer parts flower from Geek Gear. It's perfect!

This silver mounted pendant from Violets New Vintage is so pretty! Who would have guessed it once was part of a circuit?

Debby Arem Designs shop is just full of stunning recycled goodies. Just go take a look! This tie pin is just one of them. Flippin' Fabulous!

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your hard drive looks like? Well this clock from Pixel This lets you see exactly what it looks like. What a great Desk clock this would make!

Well that's me out of here for today. More hoops to make and a hoop stand to finish. Have a fabulous day dear reader. Oh and if any of you have a spare moment, let the people I've featured know I've put them on here and tell them that I adore their creativity. I might not be able to get around to doing it today.....


  1. Love the hard drive clock :) There are enough computers laying around the house I should probably recycle them in some way. I always wanted to try to make jewellery out of the random parts (just not 100% of what parts would be safe to use)

  2. I find it all amazing what people can come up with..What a great creative brain..Wonderful, display.


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