10 Feb 2008

Another new kid on the block...

... Etsy has so many new sellers joining, it's hard to keep up. I stumbled upon this seller earlier today and was delighted with what I found in her shop, because not only is it all made from wood, a material I love, but all of the pieces are made from reclaimed materials. Huzzah! How could I not do a quick feature on LuckySustainables with all that going in her favour!

Just how gorgeous is the dark rich patina on this box made from reclaimed walnut? Even the bow on the top is made out of wood, beech wood strips bent to make the ribbon like flower. I just adore it!

This sleek box was once a discarded piece of furniture that this talented artisan has taken apart and reused. I like the tapered edges on the lid and the quirky little handle. It would be perfect as a stationary holder on a desk.

This one has a really rustic charm about it. It is made from re-claimed western red cedar, that was salvaged from an old Garage when it was being demolished. Thankfully this beautiful wood didn't go to waste. LuckySustainables has given it new life and a new purpose!

All in all I urge you to go to this ladies shop and see her fine craftswomanship. She proves that re-claimed/recycled/reused materials can be used to make outstandingly wonderful works of art!


  1. I am huge fan of wooden boxes. I am not sure why.. but I love them. These are some great pieces.

  2. ohh lovely boxes..Must also applaud you on your use of the word huzzaz...thought I was the only one.

  3. nice feature... love those boxes!

  4. I have this thing about boxes...love 'em. You're right, it would make a good stationery holder. off to look at her shop, thanks for the link

  5. Such beautiful craftsmanship!

  6. That is gorgeous. I am so glad you featured it!

  7. Excellent find! Thanks for sharing. I will have to check out the rest of her shop. :)


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