28 Feb 2008

Want to see what i've bought?

I thought that today I'd show you some of the items I have purchased from independent artisans in the last couple of months. Each one is different, but each one is very special. It's one thing to leaf through the pages of websites and show you items that catch my eye, but these are all items that I paid out cold hard cash for because I loved them so much. I've taken the handmade pledge and buy as much as I can from small businesses rather than from large multi-national companies. These are just a few of my purchases.

I ordered these gorgeous slippers as a birthday present for myself. Mommayaya, a relatively new seller on etsy, custom made them for me. Not only was it a pleasure chatting to her to get the perfect colours and the right size for my feet, but she made them in record time and shipped out to me much faster than I could ever have hoped for. I love them to bits! I live in a house with stone floors and they keep my toes toast warm even on the coldest days. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs a pair of slippers. Don't forget to take a look through her sold items as well as the ones in the shop, because there you can see more of her custom made orders.

Befair made this lovely bag that I gave my sister as a Christmas present. I choose it because of the lovely design on the front and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed. It was as good in real life as it looks on the screen. My sister loved it too. Befair has an announcement in her shop saying she is taking a break for a while whilst she emigrates. I'd strongly advise you to keep checking back to see when she starts trading again if you are on the market for a great bag.

I had never used a solid shampoo block before until I ordered this one from beadartandbubbles. I purchased it along with some of her gorgeous smelling soaps and lip balm. They all arrived beautifully gift wrapped very speedily. The solid shampoo is great for getting any residues, like gel or hair spray from your hair leaving it squeaky clean and soft. Her shop has been closed for a while but I'm glad to say she is back and still selling lots of yummy looking and smelling soaps, butters and balms. Welcome back Abi!

This is Vincent, and Vincent takes care of my mobile phone in his belly. He stops my lovely phone from getting scratched and bumped inside my bag. He is made from lamb’s wool by feltathome. They have lots of wonderful bags, brooches and other phone/mp3 covers in their shop and they give each lovely character so you feel like you are adopting the monsters rather than just buying some goods. They have a frog waiting to be kissed at the moment so go along and see if it's your prince.

TheDevilsWallpaper made this funky monkey with is interchangeable underpants. He was another gift I purchased for a friend of mine, whose nick name is The Bovril Monkey. He loved him. I do think I might have to ask Deb if she can make up a pair of undies with a jar of Bovril on the front so that this cheeky monkey magnet has a different pair of pants for every day of the week.

This stunning piece of silver wear was a gift for my niece. I loved the Poem stamped onto both sides of this bracelet. My niece had been ill for sometime and I just felt the words rang true for her as she had to live in the moment, live in the day. This beautiful piece was hand crafted by Deliasthompson. Her whole shop is chock full of other gorgeous jewellery. I'm sure I will be buying more in the near future.

Are you looking for a t-shirt with a difference? I was. I wanted something a little different for another niece. She likes to wear clothes that she won't see walking towards her on the other side of the road. She is one of a kind and likes to dress that way too. Luchaworkshop made this gun toting Eskimo. I picked it because of the line work style. It just appealed to me and my neice loves it too. She wears it all the time and has had many compliments from friends about it.

All these sellers have been great to do business with and have all given much better service than any multi-national has ever given me. The way you get to talk to the people that actually create the items and the way it feels like they are making these items specifically for me and my loved ones is a very special feeling. Go on; give buying from independent traders and crafters a go. You'll be happy that you did!


  1. I got one of those bracelets from Delias too! Aren't they gorgeous? She's really sweet and accomodating too. I can't rave about her enough.

  2. I love feltahome's store and I love vincent, I think he has been in some of my treasuries!

  3. nice buys!!! what a nice way to give some love back to the sellers. You have a great blog!

  4. wow I love those slippers and that cool tshirt!!

  5. looks like you have great taste! those are all so fun looking!

  6. I love that bag! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Jo :)

  7. A wonderful selection of handmades.Talent abounds and is shown in your excellent presentation,too.

  8. very cool! i love everything you have purchased, especially those slippers!!

    i gave all handmade gift for valentine's day and i loved every item i purchased from etsy sellers

  9. Nice stuff, all so cute and nice shout out to the sellers. Very cool!

  10. Oh my - you have given me some new sellers to heart! Thank you for sharing your lovely items!!!


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