27 Feb 2008

Competition time!

This is for all you people out there with some graphics skills. We are having a month of features about people that re-cycle, up-cycle, re-purpose and re-use materials in their goods. March is going to be a month of celebrating all the more environmentally friendly made goods that can be found for sale on the net. So, we want a new banner that reflects that. The banner needs to be 857 x 94 pix at 72 dpi (yes I know it's an odd size, but it's the size we have now) It must be predominantly orange and purple and it must reflect the theme of recycling. You have 5 days to make your entries and submit them to the web address pictured below. So get them in before 12 noon (GMT) Monday 3th March.

All the submitted banners will be put up on the blog and visitors will be allowed to vote on them. The winner will be the person that gets the most votes by end of voting on 12 noon Friday 7th March (GMT) and the banner will used on the blog for the remainder of the month.

The winner will get an advert for their shop/website put in the side bar under "sponsors of Autonomous Artisans" for a month. All entrants will get a link for their shop/website put under their entry, so please remember to send the link you want used with your banner submission.

Good luck and get banner making!


  1. WOW... great idea. I of course can't do this, but I'll be checking back and voting, can't wait to see how it looks!

    Best Wishes,


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