7 Feb 2008

Monsters Under the Bed

Not all monsters are scary, freaky or horrible. Some I've found are fabulous and fun! Monsters probably get a bad wrap because of all the teeth, but don't be fooled, they just use them to open beer bottles.

Despite SUSUTEN's belief that that these little critters are bad, without CO2 plants wouldn't survive as they need it for photosynthesis. They look cute enough to me!

This lumpy little scamp called Todd, comes from LoopyBoopy, who makes lot of cool sculptures like this. This monster will quite happily sit in the corner of your room and keep away all the jam monsters (the monsters that eat your jam and leave you with empty jars!). Beware though "Todd can be very crass, prone to lewd comments and obscene behaviour."- you have been warned!

What better way to say you are a member of a certain monster's fan club, than by proudly showing your allegiances with a badge courtesy of PearsonMaron . They don't do badges of my favourite monster though - that's the one that lives in my mind and I can't describe... it's made of blue and eats the number "4".

What better way to say thanks is there, than with a monster hug from sparkyfirepants ? Athough by the looks of things, you might want to not smoosh your friends as much as the big brown monster is smooshing the little green one. I do like their monster motorcycle helmets though!

This monster has more uses than a Swiss army knife...well.. ok, maybe not. However, I have never seen a Swiss army knife knit a jumper or a hat or a...well.. anything! I would gladly have a knitting monster ready for winter, when my hands are too cold to knit for myself. This item is a picture print a la Vogon Poets - Douglas Adams would be proud!

RAAAAAAR! Be your very own monster, with quite frankly a fantastic idea for clothing. Complete with huge googly eyes and sharp pointy fangs, you too can scare old ladies by jumping out from behind things! Phone boxes, lampposts, trees and other old ladies to name but a few. Thanks MonsterHoodies !

If you are still scared by monsters however, you might want to buy some of this :

It is "Anti monster spray" and you may purchase a bottle or five from crazytimescandles!

Make friends with the monster under your bed. He's keep the dust bunnies under control!

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