13 Feb 2008

My hunger for colour

Today, once again I felt hungry for some colour. I can't explain the craving I get other than to compare it to a craving for a certain food. Colours have become very important to me. Today it's the colour orange and purple I crave. I found lots of gorgeous things to share with you.

I’ll start with this beautiful pendant from Juln. The way the light travels through it to create the gorgeous orange light on the white background just does it for me! It also looks so smooth and tactile. I can imagine rubbing its flat surface on the palm of my hand and how cooling to the skin it would be.

lusitania has combined the colours in fibre, to make this eye catching zipped purse. Very fitting that the zipper has an orange heart on it, seeing as tomorrow is Valentine and orange is one of my favourite colours and Valentine’s Day is my birthday.

This mirror is made by GeminiMoonMosaics a member of the Etsy Mosaics street team. They have many other very talented artists as well as GeminiMoonMosaics. The mix of colours and textures made this one leap out at me as one I should feature. From the tiny glass beads to the large vintage flowered tiles it all works so well together.

Knitastic makes beautiful machine knitted items. Her shop is chock full of interesting patterns and designs that she has created. It's well worth a look. Her cushions look very snuggley. I can imagine curling up on a big feather filled couch scattered with them. The colours of this trim are just perfect for my craving.

DavidvMoore's print just grabbed my eyes and made them look. This is taken from an original acrylic that he painted. It has a feeling of heat and fire about it. He has a sale on at the moment so if this picture zapped you as much as it did me, why not go and take a look at what else he has to offer. he has lots of great artworks to see.

Yes wibbly Woo! I'll be yours. You are just so darn cute. How could anyone ever resist you? Abbydid created this cutie to share with us. I wonder what other treasures he has in his mouth....

So, that's my colour craving fulfilled. I hope you like my choices.


  1. I often have the same cravings! Your oranges hit the spot!

  2. AWWWW That tiny orange felted heart is SO cute! I want to hug that monster! Good finds =D


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