18 Feb 2008

Sailing the seven seas

Captain Skulduggery Dug is on a mission to find lots of treasure and then spend it all. I thought I'd give her a few pointers where to go shopping with all her lovely bootie!

Captian Skulduggery Dug found this treasure map hidden in PaintandInk's map emporium. She believes it to show where Bluebacked Jake hid the treasure of the five Spanish Galleons. If she finds it, she and the Pirate Pixie Crew will be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Thomas Tillerman might be small but he is the best compass and chart reader on the high seas. Captain Skulduggery Dug would do well to have him along for the ride to be sure they find the right place. FluffyFlowers trained him well in the art of keeping a steady course, but he doesn't come cheap. They better find the loot or there may well be fur flying!

Well shiver me timbers if this little lady doesn't look like she's on the search for treasure. She better not be after Cap'n Skully's bootie, because she'll be in for a long walk off a short plank if she tries. Moonlightwhispers will have to save her from the sharks!

Even your puppy can join in the pirate fun with this collar from YuppiePuppie. I'm guessing Captain Skulduggery Dug probably has an eye on one of these for Doubloon her dog. He'd probably only wear it on special occasions. Most of the time he is seen with a spotted 'kerchief around his neck. He's a bit too flea bitten to be classed as a Yuppie Puppy!

This gorgeous pirate wenches dress is the only item so far in thewencheswardrobe. I'm going to keep checking back to see if more get added. I can't see Captain Skulduggery Dug wearing this, she likes trousers not dresses. It makes it easier to leap from ship to ship when she is plundering their treasure. Maybe in time the shop will be stocking nice leather pantaloons.

Siansburys makes the most gorgeously detailed sock monkeys and I was delighted to see on pinkdoodle that she had made gift cards with the photos of her Jack Sparrow monkey. He is so detailed and well made I think he deserves cards to be printed of him. Captain Skully can send out these cards to her rivals to gloat when she has found the treasure!

What Pirate goodies can you find that Captain Skully might buy with all her treasure?


  1. LOL Thomas fits right in with this list! Thanks :)

  2. I love your blog style, super neato, I like how you tied it all together with the pirate theme. Loves it, will be back for more:)
    xoxo jen


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