8 Feb 2008

Being the New Kid on the block....

... can be quite scary! To try and make the world of promotion a little less scary I've decided to start featuring new artisan as much as possible. Today I bumped into a lady that has just started selling her photograph on Etsy. Racergirl1313's (AKA Catherine) work is stunning! Her use of colour, light, angles and form are thrilling.

I chose this picture to share with you purely because of the colour. I don't even like Aubergines (egg plants), but I will look at them in a new light now. The rich purples and sheen of the skin, Catherine has turned a vegetable that I wouldn't choose to eat into a beautifully enticing picture.

This is my favourite so far of the collection Catherine has in her shop. It reminds me of the feeling of sand between my toes and friends at the beach building eccentric structures out of drift wood and pebbles. Playing silly games as we wait for the sun to set so we can spin fire...

Cue picture 3... Well as a fire spinner who lives with an expert bonfire builder, I couldn't really pass this picture by. So many of my most treasured memories in my life involve sitting around camp fires on the beach warming toes and fingers from the nights cold air.

This is another picture that I was drawn to by the colour. Orange has fast become one of my more longed for colours this winter. The Cold dark days have been getting me down and I find I crave rich warm colours like most people crave food when hungry. The warmth of the oranges drew me in and the eye then follows through to the bright hot red top middle accentuated by the black surround. I love it!

The next 2 pictures drew me in with their shapes and form. The tall pointing bridge tower reaching up for the sky, growing up past the lowly lamppost but seemingly being beaten by the cables, that look to reach up past the tower into the sky...

...and the round bulging mirror that spies on the inside of this old car only to find no one within. Both images captured my imagination and lead stories to form in my head. Now that's what good Photography is all about for me. A single image that conjures a myriad of stories to run in the viewers mind.

We don't see tail lights like this in the UK. Our cars are all little tin boxes with very little character. These lights look more like something from a 1950 alien movie that something you'd find on a car in this country. Again more stories forming in my head....

Catherine quite clearly has a lot of talent. If these have wetted your appetite I urge you to go to her shop and view some more. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Wow! Those photos are great...I'm with ya on the eggplant thing...but I sure like that photo!


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