22 Feb 2008

Puddle Dancing is so much Fun!

Do you remember when you were a little child that you viewed everything slightly differently to how you do now as an adult? Everyday was a great adventure and every new thing you came across filled you with wonderment. Life was exciting, gooey things you happened upon didn't repulse you and poking things with a stick was your scientific way of examining anything that looked a bit too stinky to touch with your fingers.

Climbing trees was one of my favourite pastimes. I loved being above the world in the branches away from everyone, where I could daydream of being an astronaut or a rock star. Etui clearly loved being in the trees too. This picture captures perfectly the delight of being high up and free from the ground.

You chewed on crayons to see if the different colours had different flavours. Don't these toddler friendly crayons from Lilbitsthree look yummy? I'm guessing the light blue ones taste of Palma violets and the red ones of strawberries.

How about the competitions down at the park to see who could get their swing to go the highest without your tummy turning somersaults? Do you remember that stomach turning feeling as you seemed to hang in the air for an age before you plummeted your way back down only to soar back up the other side? Krisblues bunny rabbit seems to be having a much more sedate swing than I ever remember doing as a child.

"No!" was a word I hated to hear as a child. It usually meant I was not going to get that extra chocolate chip cookie, or that I couldn't go out to play for just 5 more minutes. This beautiful photo by Meren is the spitting image of me when I was trying to turn the charm on with my dad and doing the hang dog look. It was usually followed with me pleading "oh please daddy" about a thousand times. How my poor dad didn't lose his marbles raising four kids on his own I'll never know.

copyright 2008 Laurie Nadeau

What about Dancing in puddles with an imaginary friend like OuOu Little lady is on this card? It was so much fun donning a pair of Wellington boots and splashing about in the biggest puddle you could find. Sploshing about until your legs were dripping wet and you were able to take off your wellies and tip the water out...

Well I can let you in on a secret. I still puddle dance. I still pull on my pink polka dot boots and go stomping in giant puddles...You see I have an inner child that's about 6 years old and I let her take over as much of the time as I can. Letting your inner child come out to play lets you see the wonderful simple joys that the world has to offer. All the rapturous fun filled things that you realised were there when you were little still exist. You just have to let them come into your life. Go on. I dare you. Run down the park and jump on a swing and just see how high you can go before you feel your lunch coming back to haunt you!


  1. there are no swings around here *sobs* I never act my age and don't plan on starting any time soon.
    I loved getting really high on a swing and than seeing who could jump off the farthest when the swing got to the top. Lots of bumps and bruises but we had fun doing it. :D
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  2. Puddle Dancing is known as Sloppy Slurchin' around here, and you aren't alone in still enjoying it!

    Give me boots, sandals or barefeet, I don't care, we'll go sloppy slurchin' everwhere!

  3. wonderful, lively post! and hats off to your amazing daddy!

    i love the art you chose to accompany this post, especially ouou, who is, of course, my little sister! i will forever see her as a little kid, jumping in puddles and playing in her rich land of imagination. ^_^


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