21 Feb 2008

Bunny man and so much more!

I just stumbled upon a brilliant shop on Etsy. It' called PlaiderPillar and is stuffed full of fun goodies, including a cute guy in a bunny costume. What more do you need in one shop?

See my title doesn't lie. Here is the Bunny man holding an inflatable yoga ball monster! A house is not a home without a yoga ball monster! Especially and bright orange one.

Davey has a head that zips off, a foot long tongue and 6 foot arms... Now Girls what more could you want in a man, other than he remembers to put the seat back down?

The shop also has a range of "sneaky Pete" hats and and arm warmers. They have many colours and patterns to choose from.

This is my personal favourite from the shop. Captain Sammy Stringbean can come and join my Captain Skulduggery Dug's Pirate Pixie Crew any time he likes. He's strange and unusual, so he'll fit right in!

Yay for those haphazard moments when you stumble upon the bazaar and wonderful things that life has to offer. Visit the shop and enjoy. It's worth the click!


  1. I need that Yoga ball!And Bunny-Mans hat lol

  2. I think bunny man is soooooo cute!!! *blushes!* Cool shop too!

  3. Heehee....I'll tell my brother you said so. Hate to break it to you, but he's married. I'm sure he'll appreciate the compliment.

    Thanks guys! Jimmy No Lips, Davey Avocado, and Sammy Stringbean love you guys too.

  4. Well a compliment a day does help the day go round!!! And it cheered up our chats all day!! :D

  5. This shop is super duper cool! I find it just a few days ago and is absolutely brilliant.


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